230V to 24V DC transformers

230V to 24VDC transformers that can be used for LED lighting, both indoor and outdoor (IP67).

Transformers for indoor installation 

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Transformers for Installation - 230VAC - 24VDC

A standard transformer that is used for fixed installations. Screw-terminals on the inputs and outputs. 230V to 24V DC.

DKK 99,00
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Meanwell transformer for DIN rail

Compact transformers for mounting on DIN rail, that can be used for many purposes. For enclosures and panels.

DKK 139,00

Dimmable transformers for installation 

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230V to 24VDC dimmable transformers for installation

They are great for 24VDC stripe lights, which need to be controlled by 230V system.

DKK 249,00
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230V ~ 24V DC Transformer. Multi Dimmable

24VDC transformer, where the dimmer is built-in and managed by either tilt pressure, 0-10V signal or resistor.

DKK 495,00
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Transformator with DALI dimming - 12V, 75W 6.250mA

12V and 24V transformer with built in dimmer, controlled by DALI. Effective solution, where you avoid a dimming unit.

DKK 595,00

Waterproof transformers 

Transformers that are completely waterproof, so that they can be used both indoor and for outdoor use.

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230V to 24V DC LED transformer, IP67

Waterproof 24V transformers from 50W to 300W. Solid constructions with potted electronics.

DKK 249,00
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230V to 24V DC Dimmable and Waterproof Transformer

A dimmable 24V transformer in models from 60W to 200W. Fully potted electronics make it completely waterproof.

DKK 645,00

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