Dimmers for 230V

Dimmers for 230V which you can be used for dimming your LED bulbs and other 230V light products.

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Note that 230V dimmers might work in many different ways, and we can not guarantee that a dimmer will work with a given bulb.

Contact us if you want us to test it before buying it. We do it free of charge, and we advise you to do so before finalizing your purchase.

To LK Fuga 

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LEDDIM 200 rotary dimmer - 230V

Dimmer that fits FUGA. Dims both 12V and 230V, especially useful for LED emitters.

DKK 579,00

For DIN rail 

Not a stocked product - 3 days for delivery

Niko universal dimmer for dimmable LED bulbs

In the process of switching to LED, certain dampers can have problems with the lower power consumption. Niko's universal dimmer takes care of this.

DKK 695,00
One workday for delivery

230V Eltako Dimmer, 100W LED

A smart digital dimmer that can be mounted on rail. A higher output is easily achieved by connecting more extension modules.

DKK 695,00

To wiremount 

One workday for delivery

DIODIM LED dimmer 5-25W 230V

DIODIM LED dimmer to wire 5-25W. Available in white and black

DKK 159,00

To lightbox / fitting 

Accessories 230V dimmer 

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