Shrink tubing with and without glue

Shrink tubing is usable for isolating, for example wires, that have been soldered together, as well as for creating a good finish.

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Find the smallest shrink tube that fits over your wire, and heat the shrinktubing with a lighter or a heat gun. Make sure not to make it melt. 

If you need a assembly that is splash proof, you should use shrink tubing with glue.

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Shrink tube in a box

Black shrink-tubing in practical dispenser-boxes. It is available in versions with or without a glue.

DKK 89,00
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Complete shrinktubing assortment in boxes

Assortment of shrinktubing with and without a glue. It is delivered in compact dispenser-boxes.

DKK 450,00
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Shrink tube assortment, 100 pcs.

Assortment boxes with 100 x 10cm shrink tubing with 6 different thicknesses. the boxes are available in various colors.

DKK 79,00
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White shrink-tubing

White shrink-tubing in bags with cut lengths. The white color makes them perfect for hiding joints on white cables.

DKK 15,00
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Transparent shrink tubing

Shrink tubing in transparent plastic, that can be used for clear joints, eg. on LED strips. Shrinks 2:1.

DKK 10,00

Shrink Tools 

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