DIN rail parts

Standard components for mounting on DIN rail

Terminal blocks and accessories 

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DIN Feed-through terminal block - PT 2,5

Clever feed-through terminal block for mounting on DIN rail. Push-in termnals for easy connecting. 0,14 mm² - 4 mm².

DKK 8,00
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DIN rail end-stop

End-stop for DIN-rails. Clicked on and fastened with the 2 screws. Prevents the other elements from sliding on the rail.

DKK 9,00
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PCB holder / plastic base for DIN rail

Base for DIN profiles, that can be used for mounting parts not intended for DIN mounting, eg. circuit boards.

DKK 10,00

DIN rails 

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DIN skinne 35mm x 7.5

Standard 35mm DIN rail (35/f6). 32cm or 50cm length.

DKK 25,00
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Endcap for DIN track 35mm x 7.5mm

Endcap in gray plastic, that gives you a nice finish on DIN-tracks. Prevents sharp edges from being exposed.

DKK 5,00

Fuses / Fuseholders 

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Fuse holder for DIN rail, 5x20mm glass fuse, Max 6A

Compact fuse holder for the small 5x20mm glass fuses. The holder is only 8.2mm in width. Max 600V, 6.3A.

DKK 35,00
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Automatic circuit breaker 230VAC

Breaker that shuts off when there is too much current running through, from overconsumption or a short. 5A, 10A and 16A

DKK 49,00

Power supplies 

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Meanwell transformer for DIN rail

Compact transformers for mounting on DIN rail, that can be used for many purposes. For enclosures and panels.

DKK 139,00

Timers, controllers, relays 

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Time and weekday timer relay, DIN

Smart universal time relay for 12V or 230V, that can turn on and off on certain times and weekdays.

DKK 179,00
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Multi-function Timer, DIN - AC/DC 12V - 240V

A timer relay from 12V to 230V with 10 different functions that can be used for time-control and automatics. Time-interval from 0.1s to 10 days.

DKK 169,00
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Staircase Timer, DIN, AC 230V

A simple adjustable relay with a delay for turning the relay off, from ½ minute to 20 minutes. A built-in switch to turn the light on or off manually.

DKK 155,00
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Twilight relay, DIN - AC230V

Light-sensor relay for mounting on DIN-rail, with seperate light sensor. Adjustable sensitivity and manual on and off.

DKK 175,00
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Temperature relay, DIN, AC/DC 24V - 240V

Relay with temperature sensor, that activates depending on measured and set temperature, function and hysteresis.

DKK 219,00
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Work relay, DIN

Standard relay with one pole, for mounting on DIN rail. Available for 12V, 24V and 230V AC / DC input.

DKK 79,00
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A Latching Relay with a Memory, DIN, AC/DC 12V - 240V

A simple latching relay that change setting on pulse in the input. It is typically used for controlling a relay from multiple switches.

DKK 139,00


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Large and small water-proof plastic enclosure with lots of space for power supplies and other larger equipment. Available with a gray or transparent lid.

DKK 109,00
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Closet-enclosure ABS, IP65

Water-proof plastic enclosures with closet-door and key and lots of space for power supplies and other larger equipment.

DKK 325,00

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