Cables for low voltage / auto

Cables specifically designed for low voltage, and that can be used on cars, trucks and trailers.

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A twin wire for a low power, 2x0.35mm²

Two joined wires that can supply up to 50V. The lack of cape makes the wire very thin and flexible. It is highly usable with LED stripes.

DKK 6,00
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Rubber cable - 450V, 1mm²

Flexible cable intended for mounting in dry, humid and wet environments, on machines, tools, lamps, motors etc.

DKK 10,00
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Wire, Olflex Classic

Black cable that is intended for use inside and outside on cars and trucks. Oil and UV-resistant, also a good chemical resistance.

DKK 12,00
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Trailer cable, 7 leder - 6 x 1.0mm² + 1 x 2.5mm²

A strong cable intended for trailers (ISO 1724). The cable is resistant to UV, oils and chemicals.

DKK 39,00
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PUR cable, Black

Durable and resistant black PUR-cable with 2, 4 and 5 wires.

DKK 8,00
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Control cable, gray

Cable with 4 and 5 wires. Used for power, signal and control, as well as other purposes. All wires are black, but numbered.

DKK 11,95

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