Single wire and cables with no jacket

Single-core cables with no jacket for connecting mounting and soldering of electronics, LEDs and other components.

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Cablel, LIYV 100m spool

Single wire for connections inside machines, enclosures and similar. 0.25mm2, 0.5mm2 and 1.5mm2 in 8 different colors

DKK 160,00
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A twin wire for a low power, 2x0.35mm²

Two joined wires that can supply up to 50V. The lack of cape makes the wire very thin and flexible. It is highly usable with LED stripes.

DKK 6,00
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RGBW Wires - 4 x 0.25mm² og 1 x 1mm²

Loose wires for RGBW products, such as LED stripes. One wire per color and a stronger wire for common plus.

DKK 12,00
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RGB wires - 3 x 0.25mm² and 1 x 1mm²

RGB wires in the colours - red, blue, green and gray.

DKK 10,00
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A wire, 5 m black + 5 m red-0.5 square

A 10 metres wire, excellent for 12V connection, where the two-pole cables are too big.

DKK 19,00

Cables for RGB and RGB+White 

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Wire, Flat Cable - 0,25mm²

Wire / flat cable that can be used for LED light stripes. There is one line for each color and one line for a common plus.

DKK 16,00

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