Cable-ties and zip-ties

A large selection of zip-ties in various sizes and black and white color, as well as accessories, such as cable tie mounts.

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Cable ties are used in many different types of work. They can be used for assembling and fixating wires, pibes and rod of various materials.

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100 pcs. black cable ties in a bag

Strong cable-ties in different sizes. Cable ties ensure a safe and a quick fastening of all kinds of objects.

DKK 10,00
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100 pcs. white cable ties in bag - 2.5 x 200mm

White color cable-ties in different sizes.

DKK 19,95
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Colored cable ties 4,8x300 - 100 pcs

Colored cable ties made from strong plastic. Used for eg. color coding or for higher visibility of the cable tie.

DKK 49,00
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Velcro cable tie - 12 x 135mm

Practical cable tie, that can easily be closed and opened again. Great for temporary and modular setups.

DKK 5,00

Mounts / bases for cable ties / zip ties 

Used for fixing cables under the table, the ceiling for similar.

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Cable tie mounts

A self-adhesive base for cable-ties. It can also be screwed on to the mounting surface.

DKK 2,00
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Cable Tie - Mounts with a Screw

A nice and simple mount for cable ties that is mounted with a screw. The max tie width is 5mm. A black and a transparent model.

DKK 2,00
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Double-Adhesive Cable-Clip

Smart clips that are mounted with a double-adhesive tape. They fit perfectly for smaller cables and for twin cables.

DKK 1,50

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