Products for connecting and composition of wires for 12V and 230V.

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Joining wires can be difficult without the right tools and materials. WAGO' splicing connectors makes it easy to join multiple wires, while also making it relatively easy to dissassemble again.

Screw-terminals are the classical way to join few wires, but they are often troublesome to use for multiple wires.


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WAGO 221 connectors with levers

WAGO' 221 series is the newest connector with levers. 40% smaller, transparent and has levers that are much easier to use.

DKK 3,00
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Screw terminals with fuse-holder

Screw terminals with 2 or 5-ways, where one of them is secured by a 5x20mm fuse.

DKK 14,95
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Solder-sleve with a solder and a crimp

Gives you secure and waterproof joints between the wires. You can heat it until the solder melts and the crimp closes around the wires.

DKK 4,50
One workday for delivery

Shunt cable clamp

Get easy power from the original wiring harness without cutting into the wires. Three sizes.

DKK 1,00
One workday for delivery

Screw block

Black screw block with screw terminals. There are 6 positions that can be cut in to seperate terminals.

DKK 5,00
One workday for delivery

Electrical tape - 1500 x 10m

1 roll electrical tape -15mm wide and 10 metres long

DKK 9,95


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