Inverters from 12V and 24V to 230V AC

An inverter converts direct current from alternating current, e.g.12V DC or 24V DC to 230V AC. This can be used to connect 230V appliances to car, truck, camper etc.

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An inverter always has a maximum power usage, and should not be exceeded. Doing this will at a minimum blow a fuse.

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12V DC for 230V AC Converter - 150W

A voltage inverter that converts 12 V DC to 230 V AC, so that you can connect regular 230V appliances to a car, for example.

DKK 239,00
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12V / 24V DC to 230V AC Inverter - 350W

An inverter that makes 12V or 24V to 230V (max 350W). Used for purposes, where there is a 12V battery and you need 230V.

DKK 379,00
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24V DC to 230V AC inverter - 700W

Powerful inverter with a max total power of 700W (1000W short). Supplied with 21-31V, and outpus 230V AC.

DKK 799,00
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12V / 24V DC to 230V AC inverter, pure sinus

Powerful inverters, 1000W and 1500W in 12V and 24V DC respectively to 230V. As these have pure sinus output, the inverters can be used for all electronics.

DKK 2.295,00

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