Wireless Relay System - 4 channels - 433mhz

    A relay-controller for 12V or 24V with 4 channels, which are set by a wirless remote, 433mhz. The 3 built-in functions give you many possibilities. 

    With the control unit learn function you can connect multiple remote controls to the same controller. In the same way, you can also control multiple relays with the same remote control simultaneously - max 8 remotes can be programmed to the same relay.

    Remotes are bought seperatly

    Standard and protected remotes are ready for use, as a 23A (standard remote) 27A (protected remote) battery is already mounted. You can easily change the battery when this is needed. The elegant and industrial remote uses 2 x AAA batteries, not included.


    There is a jumper inside the relay, that can be placed in three ways (left, right or no jumper). It is the placement of this jumper that decides in what way the relay operates. The three functions can be seen below:

    Toggle: Only one channel is on. You switch between the active channel with the remote.

    Latch - Turn each individual channel on / off with the buttons.

    Momentary - Turn each individual channel on when the button is pushed down. The channel is turned off when the button is released again.


    The learn-button is used to register the ID of the remote in the controller. When you push the learn-button - a yellow LED will turn on, afterwards you can push the wanted button on the remote. The LED will flash and the ID has been saved.

    To reset the controller, simply push and hold the learn button until the LED flashes.


    Each relay output is marked with A and C, while the relay input is marked with B.

    Using normal relay designations, A is "NO" (normally open) while C is "NC" (normally closed). You can use the two outputs to get power when the relay is off, or when the relay is on. You can also use both.

    Electronic remote

    The electonic remote is used when you want to transmit signals to a reciving relay with other electronics, eg. with a timer, switch relay or similar. The remote is for 12V systems only. We recommend that one has experience working with electronics before using this.

    A relay-controller for 12V or 24V with 4 channels, which are set by a wirless remote. The 3 built-in functions give you many possibilities.

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    Wireless Relay System - 1 channel

    A wireless relay-controller for 12V or 24V with a 1-channel / output. The 3 built-in functions give you many possibilities.

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