Time and weekday timer relay for 12V

    Smart and compact timer relay that is controlled by time and weekday, as well as workday/weekend and other patterns. The relay must be supplied with 12V, but the internal relay can switch 230V, up to 10A. The built-in backup battery, lets the watch tick without supply, with a life span of up to 3 years.

    There are 16 different start and stop points, that can be set up with different weekday-patterns, as shown below:

    Week day patterns:

    With the different patters you can set it up so it only switches on and off from monday to friday, eg. when you are at work or in the weekends.

    • All days
    • One specific day
    • Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
    • Saturday, Sunday
    • Monday to Wednesday
    • Thursday to Saturday
    • Monday to Friday
    • Monday to Saturday


    You start programming by pushing 4 times on C/R. Time on the clock is then set up with H+ for hours, M+ for minutes and D+ for weekday.

    To set up a switch-time press P. Each press just to the next point. The active program can be seen in the left bottom corner of the display, and if it is the ON or OFF time you are setting.

    Again press on H+, M+ and D+ to set up the time. Press C/R to remove the time.

    Press on P again to jump to the OFF time, which is set up the same way.

    When you are finished programming, either let the watch be for 10 seconds where after it locks it self again. Alternative press the watch icon to finish programming. Press 4 times on C/R to lock the watch.

    Manual control

    By pushing the manual button you can set the relay on or off, or simply set it back to auto.

    timer relay that is controlled by time and weekday, and eg. workday/weekend. Supplied with 12V, but can switch 230V.

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