Dimmable transformers - 230VAC - 12VDC

    The dimmable transformer has 12Vdc output and therefore it is particularly suitable for dimming of LED SMD stripe and some 12V LED light sources. Please contact our support if you have a light source you would like to dim, so we can check if it works as intended.

    The transformer must NOT be combined with a 12Vdc dimmer - if you are in doubt then please contact support, we respond to any questions regarding transformers.

    Since this is a 1st generation dimmable transformers, there are certain things you should be aware of:

    • It can be dimmed by most dimmers, as long as you adhere to dampen's minimum requirements, otherwise you might experience flickering light. Therefore we strongly recommend you to use Niko LED dimmer, as it allows you to dim the light far down without any flickering.

    Dimmable transformers, that can be connected with screw terminals to 230VAC on the input and to 12VDC on the output.

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    Niko universal dimmer for dimmable LED bulbs

    In the process of switching to LED, certain dampers can have problems with the lower power consumption. Niko's universal dimmer takes care of this.

    DKK 695,00
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    Cable with a 230V Plug and a Breaker, 1.5m

    White or black cable with a premounted 230V plug anda toggle breaker. The cable is 1.5 metres long and can be used for lamps.

    DKK 19,00
    One workday for delivery

    Cable with 230V plugs - 2 x 0.75mm²

    Cable with a 230V plug that can be used for connecting lamp sockets or power supplies.

    DKK 19,00

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