LAS3 switch in stainless steel

    Updated model of our waterproof on/off and push-on breakers / switches in stainless steeel with and without LED indicator lights. This model has a larger face, making it easier to push down. Notice that the LED light is for 12V only or for 24V, depending on the chosen type.

    The indicator-light can be connected in various ways, for example so that it is always on or only when the button is pushed.

    Are you not sure, what the difference is between on/off and push on, we recommend you to watch our demonstration video. You can find the video under the pictures on your right side.

    It is only the front of the switch that is IP67, the rest of the switch is IP40. A gasket is included to ensure that water does not go through the panel.

    Plastic base

    You can purchase a plastic-base that the contacts can be pushed down in to. This is a simple solution if you want wires on the switch, instead of soldering wires on to the pins. This also makes it easier to disconnect the switches again. There is 15cm wire on the base,

    Terminal with wire

    The same terminal that is in the plastic base, can be bought seperatly, with 15cm wire. This is a cheap option if you do not need all connections on the switch, or if you have a switch with no lights.

    Updated model of our waterproof (IP67) on/off and push-on breaker / switche with and without LED indicator lights for 12V or 24V.

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