Motor controller, dual H-bridge L298, 7-24V DC, 2A

    Simple and effective motor controller for 1 or 2 DC motors, with a voltage up to 24V, and max current of 2A. each channel. (Total 4A)

    There are 4 pins on the board to get motor 1 or 2 to turn one or the other way. When there are no inputs the motor simply stops. This allows you to easily connect a switch, microcontroller or other devices to control the motor.

    There is a breaker to shut off the controller and motors.

    Connection and use

    Supply is connected to Vin and GND

    Motor 1 is connected to OUT1 and OUT2, while motor 2 is connected to OUT3 and OUT4.

    The "5V" screw terminal is a output from the controllers own 5V supply. You should not connect any supply to this. 

    The control-pins ma only be connected with 5V. You will typically use the 5V in the screw terminal to connect the pins. More than 5V will ruin the controller.

    Simple and effective motor controller for 1 or 2 DC motors. Simple control of the direction of the motor.

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    Jumper-wire set, 20cm

    120 wires for prototyping / connect compponents to eachother and to breadboards. 40 male-male, 40 male-female, 40 female-female

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