Mini sensor - motion / PIR, 12V-24V, 8A

    Motion sensor that is incredible small. It can be used for eg. LED strips, and it is perfect for mounting in a LED aluminum profile. The sensor turns itself off after it has not registered any movement in 1 or 5 minutes, depending on chosen model.

    The motion sensor has a max-power of 96W at 12V, and 192W at 24V.

    LED strips are easily soldered on to the sensor, where you can simply put the strip on top of the solder pads, where after you put solder-pass across the sensor and strip pads.

    If you want to mount the sensor in a LED profile, you simply make a 11.5mm hole in the front. This of course depends on the distance between base and front. The sensor fits perfectly in a Surface 10 profile, and because of this we sell a finished front for this profile.

    Motion sensor that is incredible small. Used for eg. LED strips and mounting in profile. Turns itself off after 1 or 5 minutes.

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    Topmet Surface 10 LED profil

    U-profile in aluminium, intended for LED stripes. The very low height with the hidden mounting clips creates a nice look. Anodized and white.

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