Advanced Timer - Relay with 18 Functions

    A compact and advanced timer relay with 18 different and smart features. An easy set up with the contacts and the display, where it is also possible to watch the countdown on the active function. The selected configuration is saved and activated again when the relay starts.

    The timer-controller runs either at 12VDC or at 24VDC (see the menu).

    The working relay can be used for DC and AC 0-30V 0-250V, so it can control all kinds of things.

    Trigger function

    With input CH1, it is possible to select functions that require external activation, for example a button.


    Below is a list of functions that the relay can be set up. You can find a more detailed description of the functions in the manual.

    • Function 1 - Delayed start-up
    • Function 2 - Delayed shutdown
    • Function 3 - Delayed start-up and delayed shutdown
    • Function 4 - Delayed shutdown and delayed start-up
    • Function 5 - Continuous cycle mode 1
    • Function 6 - Continuous cycle mode 2
    • Function 7 - Limited cycle mode 1
    • Function 8 - Restricted cycle mode 2
    • Function 9 - Switching function
    • Function 10 - Trigger mode with delayed off (CH1)
    • Function 11: Delayed start-up with trigger (CH1)
    • Function 12: Delayed shutdown with trigger (CH1)
    • Function 13: Delayed On-Off with trigger (CH1)
    • Function 14: Delayed Off switch with trigger (CH1)
    • Function 15: Continuous cycle: On-Off with trigger (CH1)
    • Function 16: Continuous cycle: off switch on the trigger (CH1)
    • Function 17: Restricted cycle: off-on-off with trigger (CH1)
    • Function 18: Delayed on-off switch on the trigger (CH1)

    A compact and advanced timer-relay with 18 functions. An easy setup with the display.

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    Wireless Relay System - 4 channels - 433mhz

    A relay-controller for 12V or 24V with 4 channels, which are set by a wirless remote. The 3 built-in functions give you many possibilities.

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