Mi-Light Dimmer for 12V and 24V

    A light dimmer for 12V and 24V such as LED strips, that is easily controlled wireless with a remote, touchpanel or a wifi bridge so it can be controlled with your smartphone using an app. The controller has 2 output where each can draw up to 6A, total A is however max 12A. The receiving distance is maximum 30 meter.

    Flexible zones

    The intelligent controllers make it possible to connect up to 4 remotes to a single controller and the remotes themselves can control an infinite number of controllers. The remotes can also control 4 zones, so that you can group controllers without needing multiple remotes, for example to control individual rooms with one remote.

    The controller

    The compact controller measurements are only 85 x 45x 23mm. There are screw-terminals in both ends for input and output connections and a 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC connector for the input voltage.

    The remote

    The measurements of the remote are 110 x 53 x 22mm and it uses 2 x AAA batteries. On the picture you can see how the buttons work.

    Touch panel

    Nice and elegant touch control-panel for managing your Mi-Light RGB and RGB+White controllers and bulbs. The control panel makes it easy to turn on and off, adjusting color, brightness and effect-mode in 4 different zones.

    The panel is tempered glass, which gives the control panel a luxurious look.

    The built-in wireless transmitter has a 30 meter range. The model with 2 x AAA battery requires no connection, and can be screwed or taped on. A piece of double-adhesive tape is included.

    Wifi Bridge

    A wireless bridge that makes it possible to use your smartphone or tablet as a remote for Mi-Light controllers and Mi-Light bulbs, both for dimming-products, RGB products and RGB+White products.

    The bridge can control an infinite number of controllers. There is also built-in 4 zones functions that the controllers can be grouped in. The range of the wireless bridge is 30 meters. It is supplied with a micro-usb remote (not included). 

    We recommend that you try to install the app on your unit before you purchase, so that you can check the compatibility: Download app for Apple-units - Download app for Android-units

    A wall holder

    If you are tired of looking for the Mi-Light remote control, then this wall mount is the solution. The holder is fastened on the wall and then the remote control has its own parking space.

    The remote control can be easily loosened from the holder, so it is not a permanent attachment.

    A light dimmer for 12V and 24V, controlled with a remote, touch panel or wifi / app on your smartphone.

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    Transformers for installation - 230VAC - 12VDC

    Non-dimmable transformers that are connected to 230VAC on the input with screw terminals and to 12VDC on the output.

    DKK 99,00
    One workday for delivery

    Transformers with plugs - 230VAC - 12VDC

    A transformer that is ready to be plugged in. It has 12VDC on the output. It can be used to supply any kind of 12VDC product.

    DKK 99,00
    One workday for delivery

    Mounting Box for Mi-Light 230V Touch panel

    Choose between 2 different models.

    DKK 25,00


    One workday for delivery

    230V~5V DC adapter with micro USB cable - 1.000mA

    An adapter with a 5V output and a maximum of 1000mA. There is a 1 meter cable with a micro-usb output.

    DKK 89,00

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