Wiring Harness for Worklights with a Relay and a Switch

    Complete harness for 12V and 24V with a relay, a switch, a connector to the lamp and battery-terminals. The harness is used for easy connection, so that you can turn on/off the lamp with the switch in the cabin.Notice that the wire to the switch can be seperated, so that it can be put through a mounting hole.

    2-pin wiring harness

    This can be used for standard lamps, where there is only 2 wires - plus and minus, e.g. work lights. 

    3-pin wiring harness

    This is used if the lamp has 2 functions, eg. light with high beam and low beam / position light. Here you need the 3 pin for minus, high beam, low beam. Notice that there is 2 relays on this model.

    Selecting model

    Choose between 12V or 24V relay - max. output for Superseal and Deutsch is 15 ampere. The ATP connectors can handle 25A. The relays can handle more, but there is a limitation because of the connectors and the cables.


    • From battery to relay: 50cm
    • From relay to work-lamp connector: 300cm
    • From relay to switch: 290cm

    Remote control

    With the remote control it is possible to turn on and off the light, using the included remote. The controller is put in to the harness where the button is normally connected, which makes it possible to control the light with the remote, and also the original switch. It is also possible to remove the original switch all together, and only use the remote.

    After the controller is connected, you push on the small button, where after you push the "A" button on the remote.

    There is also a SOS program built in, that makes 3 short, 3 long and 3 short flashes.

    Complete harness for 12V and 24V with a relay, a switch, a connector to the lamp and battery-terminals. Used for easy connection.

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