Superseal Crimp Tool in a Large Assortment Box

    In the assortment box, there is a crimp tool and 2 set jaws, as well as Superseal parts for 1 to 6 pin connectors, both male and female. 

    The crimp tool and the two jaw sets are very high quality, which you can clearly feel when using them. The jaws / inserts are easily mounted and removed from the tool, because of the smart click-system, that is typically only seen in more expensive tools.

    The box is made of sturdy plastic with simple slide-locks.

    The 339 parts are distributed out like this:

    • 1 x Crimp tool
    • 1 x H2 jaws
    • 1 x H3 jaws
    • 50 x Gasket for 1.2 ~1.8mm diameter wire
    • 50 x Gasket for 1.6 ~2.5mm diameter wire
    • 50 x Male-terminals til 0.3 - 0.5mm2
    • 50 x Female-terminals til 0.3 - 0.5mm2
    • 50 x Male-terminals til 0.85 - 1.25mm2
    • 50 x Female-terminals til 0.85 - 1.25mm2
    • 4 x 1-pole Male-plug
    • 4 x 1-pole Female-plug
    • 4 x 2-pole Male-plug
    • 4 x 2-pole Female-plug
    • 3 x 3-pole Male-plug
    • 3 x 3-pole Female-plug
    • 3 x 4-pole Male-plug
    • 3 x 4-pole Female-plug
    • 2 x 5-pole Male-plug
    • 2 x 5-pole Female-plug
    • 2 x 6-pole Male-plug
    • 2 x 6-pole Female-plug


    The two jaws fit two different cable-dimensions, so to get the perfect crimp you need to use the right ones. The dimensions are in cross-sectional area and in an US targets.

    H2 jaws:
    0.35 to 0.5mm - AWG 22-20
    1.5mm - AWG 16

    H3 jaws:
    0.75mm2 - AWG18
    1.00mm2 - AWG17


    Crimp tool and 2 set jaws, as well as Superseal parts for 1 to 6 pin connectors, both male and female. 339 parts.

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    A Complete AMP Superseal 1.5 plugs for 1.5mm²

    A complete sets for male and female Superseal 1.5. Choose between plugs that consists of housings, terminals, wire-seals.

    DKK 15,00
    One workday for delivery

    Deutsch crimp jaws for Superseal tool

    Deutsch crimp jaws for Superseal tool

    DKK 169,00

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