AMP Superseal 1.5 extension cord, male and female terminals

    The 2-wires cable has a 2-pin AMP Superseal  - 1.5 male and female plug in each end, as well as a regular extension cable. The cable is 1.5mm² (max 15A). 

    The plug is IP67, which means that the cable is waterproof. As the plugs require special tools, we sell these premounted cables of various lengths.

    The plug and the cable can handle max. 24V, 14A. Max. power at 24V is 336W, max. power for 12V is 168W.

    The cables are chemical and oil-resistant (Lapp Ölflex Classic 110).

    A cable with AMP Superseal 1.5 male and female plug in each end. The cable is 1.5mm² (max 15A).

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