T3 Wireless RGB Color Control - 12V and 24V

    T3 remotes are used for the T3 controllers. One remote can, in principle manage infinite controllers, as long as they are in range. This makes it possible to control a lot of light sources from a single remote.

    You change between the colors by pushing on the color-wheel, whereafter the remote shows you the selected color in the middle of the wheel. You can also choose between various effects, such as continious color-change, strobe-light, fade-in and-out.

    There are functional differences between T3 and T3M, but the basic difference is that you should pick T3M if you would like to divide all the connected controllers into multiple zones. The zones can then be controlled individually with a single T3M remote. It can control up to 10 zones, which you choose with the different numbers on the remote. You can also chose all zones simultanious by pressing the button - *.

    You can find an overview of the differences below:


    • 32 different effect-modes
    • Save chosen modes in the 9 numeric buttons
    • Turn up and down the brightness
    • Choose next and previous effect-modes


    • 18 different effect-modes
    • Setup and control 10 zones individually, or choose all zones (press *)
    • Save two effect-modes per zone (M1, M2)
    • Hold the brightness-button down to change brightness
    • Push the mode-button down to chose the next effect-mode

    The remote has a built-in battery, that is easily rechargable with the USB port in the bottom. When the battery needs to be charged, the remote will light red. When it is done charging it will light green. A fitting USB cable is included.

    T3 remotes are used for the T3 controllers. A quick color-change with the color wheel and other advanced possibilities. Two models.

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