Mini LED watermelon interior lamp 24V

    Mini LED watermelon lamps are perfect for interior lighting - especially in trucks. The lamps are available in various single-color colors, dual-color with fx xenon white/red, and as RGB.

    The lamps have a 1 meter cable mounted so that you easily can mount them behind the upholstery.

    Enkeltfarvet / Single color

    One color for example, red. With colored glass, colored in the color of the light, or clear glass. The laps have a high/low function. The lamps are dimmable, which means you can dimm them with a dimmer or a Mi-light controller.

    • Minus - White cable
    • Plus, High - Red cable
    • Plus, Low - Black cable

    Dual color

    Switch between 2 colors - for example, white/red. There is one minus/- and two plus/+ cables. You can not have both colors on at the same time, so you need to use a toggle switch to change between colors. The lamps are dimmable and can be controlled by a dimmer or Mi-light controller.

    • Minus - White cable
    • Plus for white light - Red cable
    • Plus for red light - Black cable


    Switch between various colors. The lamp can be connected as they are, but we recommend you use a Mi-light RGB controller, which you can find under related products.

    • Common + White cable
    • Minus for red light - Red cable
    • Minus for green light - Black cable
    • Minus for blue light - Yellow cable



    Mini LED watermelon lamp that is perfect for interior light. Available as single-colour, dual-colour, and RGB.

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