LED products for Scania trucks up to 2016

Lights, emitters and other products, especially intended for Scania trucks through year 2016.

Scania look-a-like top-lamps 

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Top-lamp Scania 142 "look-a-like"

Old school Scania 142 / 2- series "look-a-like" top lamp. Available with different colored glass, and LED emitters.

DKK 149,00

Topline lamps 

One workday for delivery

Scania Topline Set

The kit replaces the original glass and the light bulbs in the lamp boom with powerful LEDs, embedded in a hard plastic. All accessories incl.

DKK 1.095,00

Daytime running light (DRL) / Fog light 

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DRL 4 LED Kit for Scania

LED DRL for Scania R and 4-series. 4 powerful LEDs give you bright light. Available with xenon-white and yellow light.

DKK 1.249,00

Lamps for sunvisor 

Lamps and harnesses for the lamps, that are placed in the sunvisor on 4-series Scanias

One workday for delivery

LED Position Lamp for Scania 4, Clear Glass

LED lamp with 4 LEDs behind a clear glass. It replaces the original position - lights in Scania R.

DKK 249,00
One workday for delivery

WAS LED NEON Position lamp for Scania sunvisor

LED sunvisor positioning lights, so that you do not see the individual LEDs, but gives a diffused light. Available in xenon-white and yellow / orange.

DKK 349,00

Wires and connectors 

Connectors that are used for sunscreen lamps and position lights on0 Scania -2016 trucks (4-series)

One workday for delivery

Wiring harness for 5 x Scania LED Positionlamps in sunvisor -2016

Complete harness to connect 5 position lights in the sunvisor on Scania trucks from before 2016 (4-series). Replaces the original with 2 connectors.

DKK 679,00
2 workdays for delivery

Connector to Scania LED Positionlight in sunvisor -2016

Original connectors that match the position lamps on Scania trucks before 2016 (4-series). There is 1 meter red and black wire on the connector.

DKK 79,00
One workday for delivery

Connector / power outlet for Scania sunvisor

Same connector that fits the original wiring harness in the sunvisor. Can be used for connecting power to position light or other lights in the sunvisor.

DKK 119,00


Emblems and signs for styling your truck

One workday for delivery

Lightbase for original Scania sign, IP65

Waterproof lightbase for the original SCANIA sign. The frosted or clear polycarbonate gives the sign an awsome neon-background.

DKK 1.895,00
One workday for delivery

Lightbase for original Scania SUPER sign, IP65

Waterproof light base for Scania' new 2023+ SUPER sign. Frosted acrylic and bright LED light gives you a nice neon-look.

DKK 1.195,00
One workday for delivery

Lightbase for Scania V8 sign, IP65

LED lightbase for the large Scania V8 emblem, that is 123mm wide. Completely waterproof. Multiple options.

DKK 695,00
One workday for delivery

Original Scania Emblem with LED edge, IP65

Waterproof Scania emblem with LED edge / outline. Available with white and yellow light.

DKK 899,00
One workday for delivery

Light base for Copy Scania Emblem with LED edge

Waterproof IP65 light base for Scania copy-emblems, that creates a beautiful LED neon outline behind the emblem. Easy to mount. Multiple light-colors.

DKK 395,00
One workday for delivery

Original Scania Emblem - 2117278

The original emblem from Scania without any light base.

DKK 325,00

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