Interior styling products

Universal interior styling primarily for trucks

Grace Mate Poppy 

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Poppy Grace Mate airfreshener

The original Poppy Grace Mate air freshener in a 150ml bottle. Available in different flavors for your cabin.

DKK 99,00

Grace Mate Poppy - accessory 

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Poppy Grace Mate viking-helmet / hat

Viking helmets/hats made out of fabric, that fits directly on top of your Poppy air fresheners.

DKK 25,00
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Poppy Grace Mate plush bottles

As an alternative to the usual dice in the rearview mirror comes Poppy bottles in plush for extra styling in the cabin.

DKK 125,00
One workday for delivery

Poppy LED Lamp, 12 - 24V

A flat LED lamp for lighting up your Poppy air fresheners. 5 powerful LEDs make the poppy-lamp glow with a nice even light. Red, white, green, blue, orange and RGB. With cigar-plug or USB.

DKK 79,00

Michelin man 

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Original Michelin Man / Mascot 19cm

Official and original Michelin man / mascot measuring 19cm for indoor use as decoration in fx front window.

DKK 295,00


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Flag set for the cabin

Where are you from? I'm from... Raise the flag and show the others in traffic, where you are from or where you are going. Flag set for the cabin - perfect for the table!

DKK 179,00


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Wunder-Baum air freshener 1-pak

The well-known and original Wunder-Baum in many different variants.

DKK 19,00


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LED christmas tree 12-24V

LED Christmas tree with cigar plug for 12V or 24V, perfect decoration for use in the car or truck during the Christmas season.

DKK 179,00

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