Exterior styling products

Exterior styling products primarily for trucks - universal and brand specific

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Exterior styling for your truck that can give a whole different look and make it stand out from the rest. Both universal and brand specific products.

Michelin man 

One workday for delivery

Original Michelin Man / Mascot 40cm

Official and original Michelin man / mascot measuring 40cm - a true trucker classic!

DKK 995,00

Scania specific 

One workday for delivery

Eyelids for Scania headlight 2016+

Give your Scania next generation a "bad-boy look" with these eyelids. Fits next generation-models with halogen- and LED headlights.

DKK 669,00
One workday for delivery

Original Scania Emblem - 2117278

The original emblem from Scania without any light base.

DKK 325,00
One workday for delivery

Light base for Copy Scania Emblem with LED edge

Waterproof IP65 light base for Scania copy-emblems, that creates a beautiful LED neon outline behind the emblem. Easy to mount. Multiple light-colors.

DKK 395,00


One workday for delivery

Talmu Daytime-running lamp

Put your car or truck on the spot with this Daytime-running lamp with yellow, clear or smoked glass in a classic design from Talmu

DKK 149,00
One workday for delivery

Double-burner - BA15S socket, 2 pack

Double-burners in 5 different types, that is perfect for extra light in the front of your truck, and gives an old-school look.

DKK 219,00

Volvo specfic 

One workday for delivery

LED Top-lamp Volvo "look-a-like" 24V

24V LED top-lamp in the best Volvo "look-a-like" style. Perfect for mounting on top of the cabin on your truck.

DKK 329,00

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