Light bars for roofs on trucks

A lightbars on a truck gives you visibility far away, as well as 360 degrees around you vehicle. The lightbars can be connected directly to 24V.

Large light bars 

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Prostrobe Nano LED Light Bar, Yellow - 12-24V

Powerful and solid LED light bar, made of durable plastic and aluminium. Powerful LED modules and efficient optics. New 2018 model.

DKK 5.495,00
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Prostrobe Ultra Slim LED Light Bar yellow - R65

The R65-approved Prostrobe Ultra Slim is an extremely thin LED light bar at 2,5cm in height. Available in multiple lengths.

DKK 4.395,00

Short light bars 

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Prostrobe Minibar - R65

Flat LED warning lamps with magnet feet that can be mounted on cars and trucks. Bright light and many functions. ECE R65 approved.

DKK 795,00

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