24V LED lamps for license plate light

LED lamps that are designed to light up the license plate on trailers and trucks. They can be connected directly to 24V.

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LED License Plate Light, 12V-24V

A compact LED lamp for lighting up your license plate. The two bolts on the back of the lamp makes it easy to mount. E-approved.

DKK 149,00
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LED licenseplate-lamp with a rear-light 12 - 24V

A smart ECE-approved LED license plate light that also has red light for the rear. It can be connected to both 12V - 24V.

DKK 159,00
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LED License Plate Lamp

A nice LED license plate lamp with a 5-years waranty. It is completely waterproof and secured against vibrations and impacts.

DKK 105,00
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LED triangular trailer lamp with licenseplate-light, 12 - 24V

A multi-function lamp with a triangle reflector, tail and brake lights, a turn signal and a number plate light.

DKK 485,00
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Matronics SMD Flexbox markeringslys

Very compact lamp for marking light and license plate. Angle or straight model, very easy to mount.

DKK 99,00

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