LED strips in fixed colors

Flexible LED stripes for 24V, with single-color LEDs. The flexible stripe is easy to mount with the adhesive tape. Can be mounted on straight and bend surfaces.

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LED Stripe, 50cm - 24V

A flexible SMD stripe in continuous lengths up to 5 metres.

DKK 39,00
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LED Stripes, Splashproof, 5 metres - 24V

A bright 24V LED stripe potted in a splash proof rubber. A flexible light source with a double adhesive tape. Multiple light colors.

DKK 350,00
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CRI95 + LED Stripe - 24V - 50cm

A powerful LED stripe for 24V with extra high color reproduction (CRI) that gives you a better light.

DKK 65,00
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CRI90+ COB LED Stripe, 50cm - 24V

Flexible COB LED stripes in various colors and length to 5 meters and high CRI value.

DKK 69,00
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LED Stripe with Side-LEDs, 50cm - 24V

A special LED stripe for 24V that emits light to the sides and not to the front as usual. Can be used for edge lighting and signs.

DKK 69,00
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Zig Zag LED Stripe - 24V - 50cm, Red

A flexible and bendable zig-zag LED stripe for 24V that can also be turned and angled up to 90 degrees. Perfect for places, where normal stripes cannot be used.

DKK 59,00


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Mi-Light Dimmer for 12V and 24V

A light dimmer for 12V and 24V, controlled with a remote, touch panel or wifi / app on your smartphone.

DKK 129,00
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MiBoxer Zigbee controller system

Zigbee light dimmer and controller for 12V and 24V LED strips and LED profiles.

DKK 179,00
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T1 Dimming - Remote for a T1 / T3 Controller

An advanced dimming-system to set the brightness on 12V and 24V LED products, such as the LED stripes.

DKK 249,00

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