Special products for Volvo 2009 - 2012

Products developed specifically for Volvo FH models from 2009 to 2012

Position lamps 

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LED Position Light Set for Volvo FH/FM (2009-2012)

A light-source for your position lights on your Volvo FH/FM. They can replace the original ones with the same color or a different light-color.

DKK 395,00
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Covers for LED Position Light for Volvo FH/FM. (2009-2012)

When you replace the position light in this model, you will have to cut a hole in the lamp. This cover and screws close the hole.

DKK 149,00


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Top-lamp Volvo "look-a-like" 24V

Top-lamp in the best Volvo "look-a-like" style. Perfect for mounting on top of the cabin on your truck.

DKK 159,00
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Matronics emitter for Volvo Look-a-like roof light

LED emitter that replaces the emitter in Volvo Look-a-like roof lights. Available as Dual and Single color in multiple light colors

DKK 139,00

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