Original Scania Emblem with LED edge, IP65

    Waterproof Scania emblem with LED edge/outline. Depending on the chosen model, the base can be made of clear or specially frosted white acrylic illuminated by LEDs.

    It comes with a 3-meter cable, secured with strain relief. The light strip matches the color in the light base to the Scania sign.

    Frosted Base

    The frosted base gives the emblem a beautiful neon outline, visible both day and night.

    Clear Base

    The clear base is almost transparent when the light is off. You typically only see the base when it is lit. This model is preferred if you do not want a white outline on your emblem when it is off. The base still provides a neon look when it is on but primarily illuminates the background.

    Dual Color

    This model has 3 wires: a common positive and a negative for each color. The color is changed by switching the negative from one to the other. Both colors must not be on simultaneously.


    • Brown wire +
    • Green wire- = Yellow
    • White wire - = White Screw

    Mounting with screws

    The base has built-in M5 threaded inserts. Mounting parts are purchased separately: the bolt set includes 2 x 10mm and 2 x 20mm bolts and 2 nuts and washers. It is important not to screw the bolts in too far, as it could damage the embedding.

    Tape Mounting

    Double-sided tape can be purchased. We recommend using at least 3 pieces of tape per emblem. The tape is high-quality 3M VHB.

    Window Holder with Suction Cups

    The emblem is screwed onto the window holder with the included nuts. The 3 suction cups ensure the emblem stays well attached to the window.

    Waterproof Scania emblem with LED edge / outline. Available with white and yellow light.

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