Top-lamp Volvo "look-a-like" 24V

    The beautiful and well-known Volvo "look-a-like" top-lamps, that are ideal as a marker-light on top of the cabin on any truck model.

    We have made a kit where you get a lamp with clear glass or orange glass and a Matronics 24V LED light source is included. Choose between different light colors, both dual color and single color.

    Alternatively, there is also a version with a BA15S bulb base and respectively clear or orange glass, this is supplied without any light source, so you have to purchase this separately.


    Single color

    The single color model is connected as any typical lamp, red wire to plus, black to minus.

    Dual color

    The dual color model changes color when you swap plus and minus. This can be done with a two-pole switch, or by using our polarity-flipper controller

    We also have a Dual Color US light controller, if you want to use the lamps as both position lights and indicators.

    The dual color lamps have wires matching their light color. If you connect the yellow light to plus, and the other to minus, the lamp will light yellow.

    Top-lamp in the best Volvo "look-a-like" style. Perfect for mounting on top of the cabin on your truck.

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    Pick type

      Clear glass + LED
      Yellow glass + LED
      Bulb BA15S


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    Matronics emitter for Volvo Look-a-like roof light

    LED emitter that replaces the emitter in Volvo Look-a-like roof lights. Available as Dual and Single color in multiple light colors

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