Matronics Double-Burner emitter with Strobe

    1Two dual color emitters that fit in to Double-Burner lamps. 12 bright dual color LEDs, and 6 high power LEDs in each emitter, that creates a great position light, and highly visible warning light.

    The set contains of these parts for 2 separate Double Burner lamps:

    • 2 x Dual Color + Strobe emitters with M8 cables
    • 1 x Controller with M8 connectors

    The original bulb holder is removed, and our led emitter is fastened through the rubber bases. Finally, you put the original glass over. Bolts and nuts for fastening til emitter is included, as is a foam base, if you do not have the original rubber-base.

    Double-burner lamps / glasses are NOT included and are sold separately. Pictures are only for demonstration.

    The included controller handles position light color and strobe light. 

    The controller has 4 modes:

    • White positions light
    • Yellow position light
    • Strobe / Warning light
    • Greeting function

    Two dual color emitters that fit in to Double-Burner lamps. The included controller handles light color and strobe light.

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    Required products

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    M4 Parts in A4 Stainless Steel

    A4 stainless bolts, washers, spring washers and nuts in M4 dimensions. They can be used for mounting lamps and other parts.

    DKK 1,00


    One workday for delivery

    Recessed base for Double-burner lamp

    Recess your double-burner lamps with these bases and use the lamps as marker lamps on the side.

    DKK 99,00
    One workday for delivery

    Double-burner - BA15S socket, 2 pack

    Double-burners in many different types, that is perfect for extra light in the front of your truck, and gives an old-school look.

    DKK 219,00
    One workday for delivery

    Loose glass for Double-burner

    Loose glass for double-burner lamps in various colors.

    DKK 89,00

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