Matronics Double-burner LED lamp, 24V

    Our own Matronics LED Double-Burner lamp with LED emitter, which is fully potted and waterproof. Available with Dual Color light in various combinations.

    Unlike other solutions, this LED model of double burner is 100% compatible with the original Double Burner lights. Wires and screws are placed exactly as original. At the same time, the glass is seperate, so it is easy, quick and cheap to replace only this, if it is driven to pieces.

    The following is included: LED emitter, glass, foam base and all screws for mounting (M4x10mm for glass, M3x30mm for mounting, all A4 stainless and with TX20). A seperator plate is also included, if you want the insides seperated.


    There i 3 wires:

    • Plus to color 1
    • Plus ro color 2
    • Minus / Ground

    Yellow glass

    There is a white/yellow dual color emitter in this, as the two colors creates two different colors through the yellow glass. This makes it possible to better match the other yellow lights. Only connect one of the colors.

    2 x Dual Color + Strobe

    The emitters in this set has besides Dual Color color change, also high power LEDs for strobe light. The sets consists of 2 emitters and 1 controller, that handles color change and strobe light. The controller has severalt settings, that adjust the strobe-effect and split strobe. You can read more about this set here.


    Dual color LED Double-Burner lamp with waterproof LED emitter. 100% compatible with original lamp. Multiple options.

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