LED Torpedo lamp 24V

    On every truck with retro styling, this is a must-have! The Torpedo-lamps available with white or yellow/orange light, with clear and yellow/orange glass respectively. The lamps is the type Roadboy CLC-7321.

    They are simply connected to 24V. Included are foam bases for mounting, that secures that you don't scratch, or any other way damage, the mounting surface. Also, you have a solid and waterproof base. Cable length is 20cm.

    Dual color kits

    Kits that consists of 2 x Dual color emitters and 2 x Torpedo lamps. Available with and without strobe light. You can read more about the emitter below:

    Matronics Emitter

    The original emitter can easily be replaced with our own emitter, that is available with brighter LEDs in different light colors, also dual color and dual color + strobe / flash.

    Torpedo lamps with the right retro style with its chrome housing. LED technology with white or yellow light.

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    Matronics LED emitter for Torpedo lamp

    Compact LED emitters that fits directly into our torpedo lamps. Available in dual-color and single-color in multiple light colors.

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