LED Stripes, Splashproof, 5 metres - 24V

    The 24V splashproof LED stripe can be shortened or extended further, so it fits your project.

    The stripe is 8-12mm and is built up of 5 or 10cm circuits (depends on type) with each 6 powerful SMD LEDs. There are clear markers, where the stripe can be cut, as well as solder-pads, where you can solder on a wire or an extend. On the back, there is a powerful 3m tape, which ensures that the LED stripe stays attached.

    It is sold in coils of 5 metres, but you can short it up/lengthen as it fits for the task. It should not be used particularly with water (for example outdoors on trucks), as the product is only splashproof.

    A bright 24V LED stripe potted in a splash proof rubber. A flexible light source with a double adhesive tape. Multiple light colors.

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