RGB+White SMD strips

RGB + White, also called RGBW is the newest trend in LED lighting. The white light, together with RGB, make it possible to create so many new sets of light-nuances than before.

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With the white LED is possible to change the color saturation of RGB light, so you can create, for example light blue, pink, light green or any other combinations. 


As with the RGB bands, it is necessary to use a controller to control the colors.
You can view the range along with bands at the bottom.

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RGB+White LED Stripe - 50cm 12V

A powerful stripe with both RGB and white LEDs that creates a very nice light. Wider color-spectrum than the normal RGB stripes.

DKK 69,00
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RGB+White LED Strip, Splashproof, 5m - 12V - RGB+2700K, 1200lm, 12mm

A powerful LED stripe with RGBW LEDs, covered by a layer of rubber, that protects the stripe. It can emit both RGB and a warm white light.

DKK 695,00
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RGB+White LED strip, 50cm - 24V

Bright 24V LED strip with RGBW LEDs, that can light up in both colors and warm white light.

DKK 79,00
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RGB + WW LED Stripe, Splash-proof, 5m - 24V

A splash-proof LED light stripe with RGBW LEDs for 24V. It can give both RGB and a warm white light.

DKK 695,00

Color controllers for RGB+White 

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Wireless RGB + White Controller - 12V & 24V

A wireless and a compact RGBW controller that can control RGB+White products, such as stripes. A touch-remote with color wheel.

DKK 199,00
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Mi-Light RGB + White system

RGB+White controller for 12V and 24V such as LED strips. Can be controlled with remote, touch panel and smartphones.

DKK 129,00
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T4 RGB + White System - 12V / 24V

An advanced remote and a controller for RGB+White color control for 12V and 24V products. Zones and other advanced functions.

DKK 349,00
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Wire, Flat Cable - 0,25mm²

Wire / flat cable that can be used for LED light stripes. There is one line for each color and one line for a common plus.

DKK 12,00

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