LED Fiber Sky

LED Starry sky/Fiberlys/optical fiber sets, used for making a beautiful starry sky on the ceiling and on the walls.

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Our LED light guide set is different from the conventional light guide set as they are built with a very powerful LED light source instead of a large halogen bulb. Therefore, the power consumption is much less, and the light source is not particularly warm.

Via the supplied wireless RF remote control you can easily control the brightness and on/off functions, and by RGB models - set different light colors.

LED fiber emitters are much more efficient that Halogen-emitters, as they use less power and generate considerably less heat.

Light emitter remembers your last setting, so if the power fails, the light emitter will even start up again at the last setting, when the power is connected again. 

Do not use superglue

Do not use superglue / cyanoacrylat as it will corrode and ruin the fibers. Use a silicone glue instead.


Mounting is very straight forward:

  • Drill holes that match the dimensions of the fibers. 
  • Put the fibers in to the holes, and avoid bending them. If you bend them it might be necessary to cut them.
  • Glue the fiber, so it cannot fall out of the hole.
  • Cut excess fibers from the surface.

Products in the category

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3W Mini LED Fiber optics, 150 pcs. 2m x 0,75mm fiber, RGB

Set with very compact 3W RGB optic fiber emitter, 150 x 2m fibers, 230V to 12V adapter and wireless remote

DKK 495,00
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LED Stary Sky, 150 pcs. 1mm fibers, warm white

Powerful fiberlight Stary Sky with 5W warm-white LED as light-source. The fibers are 2 metres long.

DKK 799,00
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LED Stary Sky, 150 pcs. 1 mm fibers, RGB

RGB fiber light stary sky with 5W RGB LED as a light source. The fibers are 2 metres long.

DKK 799,00
One workday for delivery

18W LED Fiber Optics - 2, 3 og 4 meter

LED Fibre optic lighting with fiber optics respectively 2m, 3m and 4m lengths.

DKK 895,00


We have different fiber-ends, such as crystal and holders.

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A crystal end for fiber-lights

Acryllic crystals for fiber-lights that give you a nice broken light. The fiber is easy to mount.

DKK 2,50
One workday for delivery

A rubber end for fiber lights

An end for holding a fiber to a certain place, ceilings, etc. It is being pushed in to a 4mm hole, where after the fiber can be put in.

DKK 1,00

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