Professional LED light chain system

Our professional LED light chains are intended for outdoor use. The special construction makes it possible to connect 100 meter light in one chain.

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Great warm white light

All chains use the same high quality LEDs, that creates a great uniform warm white light, from the beginning to the end

Direct 230V connection

The special starter cable with built-in rectifier, makes it possible to connect 300W LED light in one long chain. As the whole chain runs on 230V, you do not need large heavy transformers, that can be difficult to hide.

Secure and durable system


The LEDs are potted in extra large plastic-caps, to avoid creeping current. Double-insulated rubber cables are used all the way, and the connectors are also potted to avoid water ingress. The twisted cables in the end makes the chains extra sturdy, and they are pull-tested up to 3kg. All of this makes the installation of them secure and durable, irregardless of temperature and weather.

Light chains 

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Pro LED Fairy Lights

A durable LED light chain, designed for professional use. 5 or 10 metres with respectively 50 or 100 LEDs.

DKK 289,00
One workday for delivery

Pro LED Fairy Lights - Icicle Chain, 100 LEDs - Black

A white chain with hanging icicles. The chain is 2 metres long and the 100 LEDs are placed on the icicles, which are up to 70 cm long.

DKK 499,00

Connectors, extensions and splitters 

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Pro LED Fairy Lights, Connector, 1.5 meters

A start-connection for Pro LED light chains with 230V-plug and a plug for the light chain. It can supply up to 301 W light chains.

DKK 109,00
One workday for delivery

Pro LED Fairy Lights, Extension, 5 metres

An extension cable witha male and a female plug in each end. It is the same durable cable as on the connector cable.

DKK 145,00
One workday for delivery

Pro LED Fairy Lights, Splitter

Three types of splitters, that can be used for splitting chain in two multiple branches. Can be combined with extensions for larger setups.

DKK 49,00


Accessories for mounting and fixating the light chains

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100 pcs. white cable ties in bag - 2.5 x 200mm

White color cable-ties in different sizes.

DKK 19,95
One workday for delivery

100 pcs. black cable ties in a bag

Strong cable-ties in different sizes. Cable ties ensure a safe and a quick fastening of all kinds of objects.

DKK 10,00

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