Flexistrips are SMD-Tape that are covered by a splash-proof plastic layer. They have as SMD-tape self-adhesive tape on the back, so they are very easy to mount anywhere.

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Smart LED Flexistrips that can give a strong diode lights everywhere. It is very compact, it is self-adhesive and very flexible. Should not, however, be used in aquariums and other vulnerable spots. It should be connect directly to 12Vdc, but can also be used in the home using a 230V ~ 12Vdc transformer

The tape is 10 mm wide and approx. 2 mm in thickness, including the adhesive 3 m foil. There are 2 meters cord, thereby you can avoid unnecessary joints. The installation is very simple, but it must be used in houses/buildings. One must also be aware that it must be installed by an electrician.

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Flexistripe 12V

A flexible, a splashproof and a self-adhesive LED stripe with a 2 metres wire. It connects directly to 12V. 50cm and 100cm.

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RGB Flexistripe 12V

RGB Flexistripe with a strong 3 m adhesive tape.

DKK 119,00

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