LED bicycle lights

LED light for your bicycle, both front lights and tail-lights, that give you a good bright light.

Supplementary lamps 

Extra bright lights that supplement the required lamps. You need to be careful not to flash incoming trafic.

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LED Bicycle Lamp 1 x Cree T6 with a Zoom, 1200 Lumen

A bright LED bicycle lamp with an adjustable zoom. The powerful Cree T6 LED gives you a very bright light - 1200 lumen.

DKK 295,00
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LED Bicycle Lamp - 3 x Cree XML-L T6, 3600 Lumen

A powerful waterproof bicycle-lamp with 3 bright CREE LEDs and with a large lithium battery-pack. 230V charger included.

DKK 395,00
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LED Bike Light with 5 x Cree T6 - 5500 Lumen

A rechargeable LED bike light with 5 very bright Cree T6 LEDs. A large battery pack, mounting accessories and a 230V charger.

DKK 495,00

Regulatory lamps 

Lights that work according tot he law regarding visibility and lifetime

Other lighting 

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Reflex-vest / brace with rechargeable LED's

Be seen at outdoor activities in the dark with this reflex-vest / brace with rechargeable LED's

DKK 179,00

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