LED light chains

Powerful LED light chains in high quality for indoor and outdoor use. Decoration lighting for bushes, trees and last but not least - Christmas trees.

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LED Light Chain with a Warm White Light - Standard, 100 LEDs

230V LED light chain for indoor and outdoor. Four models with 100, 200, 400 and 600 LEDs with a total length up to 27 metres.

DKK 69,00
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Outdoor light chain for batteries (3xAA)

A nice light-chain with 40, 80 and 120 LEDs. The waterproof battery-holder makes it easy to mount outdoors. 8 light-effect programs and 6/18 timer.

DKK 49,00
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Multicolor cluster LED light chain with memory

230V LED light chain for indoor and outdoor with 8 different functions. Available with 400 or 700 LEDs with a total length of 8 meters and 14 metres respectively.

DKK 179,00
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Avide party Lights with 24 pcs. LED lamps 230V

Nice party lights with colored LED bulbs included and 230V for a direct plugin. They can also be used outside.

DKK 595,00

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