LED aquarium Lighting

Bright LED lamps for aquarium lighting, where Aquaday is for day time lighting, and Aquanight for nighttime lighting.

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Matronics Aquaday - RGB+CCT aquarium light 12VDC

Great aquarium light with large adjustable color spectrum. RGB, warm white and cold white. Produced in requested length.

DKK 389,00
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Matronics Aquanight - Aquarium night-light 12VDC

LED lamp specifically designed for night lighting in aquariums and terrariums. Has a wide and soft light-beam.

DKK 225,00

Power supplies 

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Transformers for installation - 230VAC - 12VDC

Non-dimmable transformers that are connected to 230VAC on the input with screw terminals and to 12VDC on the output.

DKK 99,00
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Transformers with plugs - 230VAC - 12VDC

A transformer that is ready to be plugged in. It has 12VDC on the output. It can be used to supply any kind of 12VDC product.

DKK 99,00

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