Matronics Aquanight - Aquarium night-light 12VDC

    Encapsulated LED lamp, that are specifically designed for night lighting in aquariums and terrariums. The lamp has a wide light beam, which will give you a nice soft light, you can choose between blue and white light.

    The lamp is made of annodized aluminium, and the light source is encapsulated in transparent polyurethane. The cable is resistant PVC. The chosen materials protects the lamp against the moist environment.

    The lamp is made to order, with the length that you need, you simply have to order the fitting length. A 175cm lamp should be ordered as a "max 200cm", where you then simply write the wanted length in the remarks. The cable is standard 3 meter, and comes out of the end of the lamp. There is a 5.5 / 2.1 mm DC plug on the cable for easy connection.

    Clips are included with the lamp, or you can chose to glue the lamp up. 

    Power supply

    The transformer is bought seperatly, you simply have to chose one with enough power. They can be found under related products. See under facts to see how much power each lamp uses.

    LED lamp specifically designed for night lighting in aquariums and terrariums. Has a wide and soft light-beam.

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