RGB+White LED Stripe - 50cm 12V

    RGB + White LED stripes have all the advantages from both RGB stripes and white stripes, where you have the posibility for both color change and ordinary light. This also gives you the ability to mix both in to new lighter colors not possible with RGB stripes, eg. light blue, light green etc.

    The RGBW stripes are made in the same way as our ordinary LED stripes, with sections of 10cm, where there are 6 powerful SMD LEDs in a circuit ready for 12Vdc. On the models with 700 and 750 Lumen, there are 3 RGB LEDs and 3 white LEDs, while on the 1200 Lumen 6 special RGBW LEDs are used. This of course gives the best blended and more powerful light.

    It is clearly marked on the stripes where you can cut them, as well as solder pads so you can solder wires on, or extend your stripes further. On the back of the stripes there is a 3M tape for easy assembly without screws. Notice that the tape is not very usefull on raw wood or stained wood.

    The stripes are sold in units of 50cm, but we can deliver up to whole lengths of 5 meters. If you order 5 pcs. you will receive 5 x 50cm = 250cm in a whole length. This way you can cut it up in the seperate lengths you need.

    Notice that this stripe needs a RGBW controller to use all features. You can find these under related products.

    If you choose to purchase cable connector to RGBW SMD strip (609294 or 609290), you have to be aware that you choose the correct width in ralation to your choosen strip. The width is either 10mm or 12mm.


    If you choose to purchase cable connection to RGBW SMD tape (609294 or 609290), be aware that you choose the correct width in relation to your ribbon. The width is either 10mm or 12mm.


    A powerful stripe with both RGB and white LEDs that creates a very nice light. Wider color-spectrum than the normal RGB stripes.

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    T4 RGB + White System - 12V / 24V

    An advanced remote and a controller for RGB+White color control for 12V and 24V products. Zones and other advanced functions.

    DKK 349,00
    One workday for delivery

    Wireless RGB + White Controller - 12V & 24V

    A wireless and a compact RGBW controller that can control RGB+White products, such as stripes. A touch-remote with color wheel.

    DKK 199,00
    One workday for delivery

    Mi-Light RGB + White system

    RGB+White controller for 12V and 24V such as LED strips. Can be controlled with remote, touch panel and smartphones.

    DKK 129,00
    One workday for delivery

    RGBW Wires - 4 x 0.25mm² og 1 x 1mm²

    Loose wires for RGBW products, such as LED stripes. One wire per color and a stronger wire for common plus.

    DKK 12,00
    One workday for delivery

    Cable Connector for RGB + White LED Stripe (1200 Lumen) - 12 mm

    An easy connector for RGB - White LED stripes with 13cm wires.

    DKK 12,95

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