LED Stripes, Splashproof, 5m - 12V

    The splashproof LED Tape SMD can be shortened or extended further, so it fits for your project. The stripe is 8/10 mm wide and is built up in small modules of 5 cm or 10 cm, where there are 3-6 heavy SMD diodes in a circuit ready for 12Vdc. There are clear markers where the stripe can be cut, as well as solder-islands, where you can solder wire on or extend with more SMD-tape. On the back is a 3 m powerful tape, which makes that LED SMD tape to stay attached to his seat without screws.

    It is sold in coils of 5 metres, but you can short it up/prolong it, so that it fits for the task. They should not be used in particularly exposed areas with water (for example aquarium lighting), as the product is only splashproof.

    The solid color SMD LED stripe can be connected directly to 12Vdc or to a 12Vdc transformer, which can be purchased from us as well. The LED stripe can also be attenuated in the brightness via our 12Vdc dimmers, which are mounted between the tape and the transformer. 

    The installation is very simple, but it must be used in houses/buildings and according to the law - should be mounted by an electrician.

    5 metres splashproof LED SMD stripe with a bright light. 350-950 Lumen per m.

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