COB LED stripes, RGB+CCT, 50cm - 24V

    Super powerful COB RGB+CCT LED light strips that can light both RGB, warm white and cold white. With the right color controller, it is possible to adjust both color and temperature, and mixing both.

    COB light strips are known for providing a very even light that is comparable with neon tubes. The strip is produced with 840 chips/leds per meter, which means that you have to be very close to the light before you can sense the "dots" in the LED tape.

    With the RGB+CCT strip you can make a ton of colors with the basic colors red, green, and blue. In fact, you can make all colors of the rainbow. LED stripes must be connected to an RGB+CCT Controller to take advantage of all features.

    The LED COB light strip can be shortened or extended further to suit your project. The strip is built up in small modules of 5 cm with clear marks where the strip can be cut, as well as soldering spots where you can solder a wire on or extend. On the back there is a strong 3M tape which means that the light strip stays in place without screws.

    It is sold in units of 50cm, but can be supplied in coils up to 5 metres.
    This means that if you order, for example, 5 x 50cm, you get it in ONE long piece of 250cm
    , and then you can shorten it yourself/extend as it suits the task.

    Unless you buy a whole 5M roll (10 pieces), there is no wire mounted on the light strip. So if you don't have a soldering iron, you can either buy our COB connectors or use the "Light strip guide" at the top, where you can buy COB light strips in various lengths and with various wire options.

    If you want to use the COB light strip in the house, you can purchase an additional transformer and there is also the option of dimming the brightness with a dimmer. Feel free to contact us for guidance on choosing the right parts for your project.

    Powerful COB strip with powerful LEDs, that can light both RGB, warm white and cold white. Adjust both color and temperature.

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