Matronics Interior Lightbar with a Motion Sensor

    A fully assembled 12V or 24V lightbar, with a mounted LED stripe, a PIR sensor and a three metres wire. The motion sensor has a range of 2 meters, and a beam of 120 degrees. When it senses motion it turns on the lightbar, and after 40 seconds with no motion it turns off again. The available LED stripe have 120 LEDs/m, which gives you an even light in the lightbar.

    The lightbar is of a high quality and it has an elegant and a neutral design. It has a nice finish, as the mounting clips are hidden inside the profile. With the frosted front, the profile has an even non-blinding light.

    It can be mounted anywhere, as long as they are not exposed to water or moisture. It can be used both in your house and in your car.

    The lightbar must be connected to 12V or 24V depending on choosen strip, either from a battery or through a 230V power supply .

    Available in 6 different lengths, that all have 3 meter wire. 2 clips are included with 50cm and 100cm profiles, and 4 clips with 150cm and 200cm profiles, and 6 with 249cm and 300cm.

    Former SKUs:

    12V: 652100 652101 652102 652103 652110 652111 652112 652113

    24V: 651100 651101 651102 651103 651110 651111 651112 651113

    A fully assembled lightbar with a built-in motionsensor for 12V and 24V, with a bright LED stripe. Available in multiple lengths. 3-metres wire

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