Matronics lightbar for acoustic panel 12V

    Great looking black lightbar / lamp for acoustic panels, with black frosted front. It is completely assembled and ready to be mounted in the spacing on acoustic panels, where it sits hidden against the black background. As we produce the lightbars ourselves, we can produce them in any length you want. Read below under "ordering".

    The bright COB LED strip gives you a even light for the full length, without any dots. You can order the light bar with different color temperatures, that matches the other lightsources in the room. You can get 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.

    The lightbar must be connected to a 12V transformer of a matching size. You can also use a regular LED dimmer, such as those that can be connected to Philips Hue.

    Two models

    Our light bar is are available in 2 models, as the acoustic panels are available with different dimensions, where the spacing varies from 13 to 15mm. 

    The slim light bar is 12.2mm  wide, while the standard is 14.4mm. We recommend that you take the widest bar that fit in the spacing, for the best finish.

    There is standard 3 meter wire on the lightbar


    When you order the light bar, and you want special lengths, you must order a light bar in equivalent length. If you want a 175cm light bar, you order a 200cm. Note in the remarks, which lengths you want.


    Each meter light bar uses 10W, so it is easy to calculate the total by adding all lengths together, multiplying with 10. A total of 10 meter light bar, uses 100W.

    Power supply

    You can use all types of 12V DC power supplies for the light bars, either for fixed installations or for outlets. On this page we have power supplies for fixed installations,  but there are many different kinds of powersupplies.


    Lightbar / lamp for acousitc panels, ready to be mounted, with black frosted front. Uniform light without dots.

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      Slim Black 2700K
      Slim Black 3000K
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      Standard Black 2700K
      Standard Black 3000K
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