Black-series EDGE LED worklamp, Flood 10-30V 3000 lm

    With our black--series EDGE you get the perfect solution in a work lamp or reverselamp with a very wide and bright lightbeam. With its 180-degree horizontal and 125-degree vertical light, it is extremely suitable for light in a specific area. The higher the lamp is placed, the better the effect of the wide work light is. 

    The lamp works for both indoor and outdoor use and is with its design, extremely suitable for mounting on the side of ex a van, truck, camper, etc. With its 3000 raw lumen and 52 powerful Osram LEDs you will not have to work in the dark. The color temperature is 6000K.

    The alu-casing is varnished with a powerful powder-coating and the bracket is stainless steel. Included are brackets, bolts, and nuts for mounting. 

    Edged LED work-lamp, that is perfect for mounting on the side of ex a van, truck, camper etc. It gives a very wide and bright light on short range.

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