Bardolino profile system

Bardolino profile system for LED SMD Stripe. With the Bardolino the glass-front is mounted inside the profile.


All bardolino profiles use the same fronts.

One workday for delivery

Bardolino Plastic Front

A plastic front for installation on our aluminium rails. It gives a nice touch, distrubutes the light and protects the SMD-tape from dirt.

DKK 69,00
One workday for delivery

A Magnet Strípe for LED Stripes, 10mm

LED stripes are mounted on the magnet stripe, where after you can mount it on any metalsurfaces. It cannot be used in aluminum-profiles.

DKK 45,00

Regular profiles 

One workday for delivery

Alu-profile, Bardolino , U-Profile

A nice anodized U-profile alu-rail for do-it-yourselfers light with our powerful SMD tape. It is easily being mounted with the included accessories.

DKK 59,00
One workday for delivery

Alu-profile, Bardolino, Four Side Profile

An alu-profile with 4 sides for LED stripes and plastic-fronts. It can be used for walls, ceilings or as a hanging lamp.

DKK 139,00
One workday for delivery

Bardolino Angolo Aluminum Profile

An anodized aluminium profile for mounting in corners and edges.

DKK 105,00
One workday for delivery

Alu-skinne, Bardolino, Muro

An anodized aluminum-profile for mounting on walls, where it can light up or down.

DKK 105,00

Profile for steps 

One workday for delivery

Alu-Profile, Bardolino, Stair-Step, Light Down

A heavy duty alu-profile for use on the edge of the stair treads. The LED tape can be mounted in the bottom of the profile, so that it lights off.

DKK 139,00

Recessed profiles 

One workday for delivery

Alu-profile, Bardolino, T-Profile, 35, 2x25mm

An anodized T alu-profile for embedding SMD LED stripss on walls, ceilings or floors. A nice profile for do-it-yourself light.

DKK 89,00
One workday for delivery

Alu-profile, Bardolino, Low T-Profile

An annodized T-profile with a low height. It is used for mounting on floors, walls and ceilings. It can be fixed with a glue or screws.

DKK 79,00

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